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"Houston Pure Tax Resolution was founded to provide Houston-area taxpayers a professional solution to their IRS problems. Individuals and business owners who are struggling with IRS back taxes, penalties, IRS audits, garnishments, levies, or business tax problems can rely on us for proven and effective tax resolution services. Our dedicated staff of licensed Tax Attorneys, CPAs, and Enrolled Agents will work diligently on your behalf to settle your IRS problems for good.

Call (832) 617-5695 now to speak with me directly and expect nothing but a positive experience."

Tim Halcomb ~ President of Pure Tax Resolution

IRS Back Taxes Settlement

From filing back taxes, to negotiating back tax settlements with the IRS, we offer solutions to eliminate back tax debt for Houston area taxpayers.

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Houston Tax Attorneys

Our firm consists of experienced tax lawyers that provide a legal advantage for Houston area individuals and businesses looking to settle their IRS problems.

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Stop Wage Garnishment

Stop wage garnishment immediately with our tax resolution experts. We take on the IRS to protect the hard-earned assets and wages of Houston taxpayers.

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Business Tax Relief

Our business tax experts, including tax attorneys and CPAs help local businesses with payroll tax relief, back tax filing, or any tax compliance need for their business.

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Are you a Houston area taxpayer struggling with IRS problems?

Is the IRS targeting your assets or wages?

Do you need tax help for your business?

If you have IRS problems of any kind, Houston Pure Tax Resolution has a solution. With more than 3 decades of experience, we have helped hundreds of taxpayers in and around Houston, TX settle tax debt with proven IRS tax resolution strategies. Just like any other thriving city in the U.S., many individuals and businesses of Houston fall victim to crippling tax debt, and in many cases, don't know where to turn for IRS debt relief. Whether you’ve received a threatening letter from the IRS, or you are currently facing collections, Houston Pure Tax Resolution can eliminate tax problems for you or your business.

Understandably, facing a stressful situation of owing IRS back taxes makes it difficult to decide on an IRS tax resolution company, but the longer you wait, the more severe your problems will become. Certainly, there are many professed tax resolution "services" that rely on gimmicks and false promises to prey on Houston taxpayers in a time of desperation. Houston Pure Tax was founded to pick up where these faceless tax resolution marketers have failed to deliver, to provide honest, effective, and gimmick-free tax resolution services to the hard-working taxpayers of Houston and its surrounding communities.


IRS tax resolution services Houston TX

The Houston Pure Tax team

Proven IRS Tax Resolution Services

Our tax resolution specialties cover a wide range of domestic, business, or international tax problems

Back Tax Filing / Back Tax Forgiveness

Houston taxpayers facing IRS back taxes can rely on our tax settlement team to rectify back tax returns and secure an IRS back tax forgiveness program in your favor. Our team of CPAs and Accountants can bring any delinquent tax filings back into compliance while our licensed tax attorneys negotiate a back tax settlement plan to reduce and settle your back taxes owed.

IRS Representation by Licensed Tax Attorney

Having a dedicated tax attorney in your corner is vital when trying to properly and permanently settle your IRS problems. Our team of licensed IRS tax attorneys have helped hundreds of Houston individuals and businesses settle their tax debt problems by means of professional IRS representation.

IRS Audit Representation

IRS audits are a reality for many Houston area individuals and businesses, and they may evolve into much more serious problems if not addressed properly. Houston Pure Tax provides expert IRS audit representation for Houston taxpayers, helping them properly settle their audit and avoid them moving forward.

Business Tax Help & Consulting

Too often do we encounter businesses in the Houston area that suffer due to mismanagement of taxes and finances. Our goal at Houston Pure Tax is to see the hard-working business owners in and around Houston reach their business goals. We work with business owners to permanently resolve IRS problems, and provide ongoing tax accounting and consulting to ensure they remain healthy and profitable.

Wage Garnishment & IRS Collections

Having IRS back taxes or penalties is one thing, but when the IRS decides to exercise a collection against you in the form of a wage garnishment or levy, it's absolutely crucial to pursue professional wage garnishment help. Our licensed tax experts are prepared to contact the IRS on your behalf today to prevent, or stop wage garnishment and levies.

IRS Tax Penalty Abatement

In addition to a variety of IRS back tax settlement strategies, Houston Pure Tax offers Houston taxpayers with accruing tax penalties professional tax penalty abatement solutions, designed to reduce or even eliminate your tax penalties as a result of outstanding tax debt.

International Tax Resolution

In addition to any domestic IRS problem, our team of tax attorneys are well versed in the area international tax compliance, and we've helped hundreds of Texas and U.S. residents setup, and maintain healthy offshore tax filing. From proper FBAR and FATCA reporting, to helping taxpayers setup offshore business entities and maintain healthy tax filing and payroll, we are a one-stop resource for international tax compliance in the Houston area!

Non-Profit Tax Services

Are you a Houston area resident looking to setup a 501c3 organization? Are you an existing non-profit in need of help with your financials, bookkeeping, or tax filing? Our tax attorneys and CPAs provide a complete suite of 501c3 tax services in Texas, helping with setup, growth, and long term success for any 501c3 entity.


Pure Tax Resolution and our seasoned team of tax resolution experts are ready to speak with you today to construct a viable plan to settle your tax problems for good. Contact us today for a free consultation with our President, Tim Halcomb.


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