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Although Houston has enjoyed has seen some of the best economic growth over the past few decades, business tax problems are still extremely common among businesses. Small businesses are especially susceptible to business tax problems because they often lack the financial resources to keep up with their responsibilities. Further, they have limited access to capital and may be tempted to borrow payroll tax funds to satisfy other obligations. Regardless of the origination of a business tax problem, Houston business owners shouldn't let their business' welfare be at stake due to tax issues, and Pure Tax Resolution of Houston can provide the help you need to get your business back on track.


Solutions for your Business Tax Problems

Payroll Tax Help

Sometimes Houston business owners use payroll tax funds as a “loan” to fund operating expenses. Even though they may fully intend to repay this money, often the business does not generate enough income to replenish the borrowed funds. The IRS has little patience for this type of tax problem and will likely send an agent to your place of business. You should act immediately to resolve your payroll tax problems, our payroll accountants and bookkeeping professionals provide thorough payroll tax help for Houston area businesses.

Worker Classification Problems

Houston employers may be tempted to categorize their workers as independent contractors to avoid the obligation to pay payroll taxes on their wages. Many do not know that if you control how workers perform they’re job they are generally employees, not independent contractors (as per the law). If the IRS suspects that you have misclassified your workers, you will receive a notice challenging your tax return. This should not be taken lightly and requires the help of a tax resolution professional, as you may be subject to substantial back tax liability, penalties, and interest.

Erroneous Deductions

People make honest mistakes in classifying expenses. Experienced tax attorneys can analyze your return and determine whether the IRS is correct or incorrect regarding your reported expense items, and sequentially work out a settlement with the IRS.

Innovative Business Tax Accounting

Although resolving IRS problems for Houston businesses is a common practice of ours, we also help Houston businesses stay profitable and compliant by providing personalized tax accounting and bookkeeping services.  Our team of business tax specialists, including CPAs and Accountants work together to handle all aspects of accounting, payroll, bookkeeping, and tax filing for Houston business owners, for a flat, affordable monthly fee.  We not only manage all your tax and accounting needs, we show you how these obligations can help your business grow!

See How Our Business Tax Help and Consulting Solutions Can Benefit You

Houston business owners now have a professional resource available to them. Whether it's resolving complicated tax problems, or having a tax expert on your side to help streamline your tax, payroll, and accounting, we are at the service of Houston businesses for their tax needs. To learn more, contact our President, Tim Halcomb, for a free business consultation.

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