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Tax Penalty Abatement

Licensed tax attorneys and CPAs helping Houston area taxpayers secure tax penalty abatement plans to reduce and settle IRS penalties and interest


IRS Penalty Abatement services are for Houston area taxpayers who owe the IRS penalties and interest as a result of back taxes or tax filing complications. It is placed on taxpayers who have failed to obey at least one provision of the Tax Code. Tax penalty abatement is a strategy employed by a tax resolution professional to reduce or eliminate tax penalties, similar to an IRS back tax settlement program that we secure for our clients.

Like penalties imposed on the Houston Texans, the IRS has penalties for virtually any type of mistake you make in preparing or filing your tax return. Unfortunately, there are approximately 150 different types of tax penalties that the IRS may impose, including:

  • Accuracy penalties
  • Fraud penalties
  • Underpayment penalties
  • Late filing or failure to file penalties
  • Combined penalties

Not paying tax penalties will put you at risk of facing more harsh consequences from the IRS:

  • Tax Liens or Levies: Essentially freezing your assets until your debt is paid
  • Wage Garnishment: Having a portion of your paycheck seized by the IRS to pay off your tax delinquency
  • Summons / Seizures: The IRS may intrusively seize your property and notify your employer and financial institutions of your IRS debt

Settle IRS Penalties with Tax Penalty Abatement

Our team of licensed tax attorneys and enrolled agents have the skill, experience, and authority to negotiate with the IRS or federal tax courts on behalf of our clients to secure a tax penalty abatement plan. Depending on the nature of your tax debt and financial situation, we may be able to reduce or even eliminate your tax penalties, and at the very least protect you from being targeted for a wage garnishment or IRS collection. We have helped hundreds of taxpayers settle their tax penalty problems, and can do the same for you.

IRS tax penalty abatement Houston TX
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