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The licensed IRS tax attorneys of Pure Tax Resolution provide a legal advantage to Houston area individuals and businesses in need of professional IRS help

Our team of licensed tax attorneys are not only experienced with effectively negotiating tax resolution for Houston area taxpayers, they also exercise our most important trait, customer service. They are focused on finding the best tax debt assistance for you while giving you peace of mind, knowing you have an advocate on your side, 24/7.  Honestly, Houston taxpayers have way too much on the line when dealing with tax debt.  Worrying about the credibility of your tax relief attorney shouldn't be one of them.


The Tax Attorney Advantages

Tax Attorney / Client Relationship

First and foremost, you should never allow anyone except a licensed tax attorney to represent you in an IRS tax negotiation because only a licensed tax attorney can provide you with the attorney-client privilege. The attorney-client privilege provides you with security, by knowing all the information you disclose will be confidential. It is important you are candid with your tax representative in order to reach a favorable resolution. We are committed to providing a safe atmosphere where our clients can feel comfortable revealing sensitive information.

Not Intimidated By The IRS

Our tax debt attorneys will not be intimidated by the IRS. Your tax law attorney understands the tax code as well as, or better than, the IRS representatives they are dealing with, and can marshal facts in the light most favorable to your case. Further, only tax debt attorneys have the power to represent clients in Tax Court, and since the IRS does not generally like cases to go to Tax Court, this provides significant negotiating leverage for clients with strong tax attorney representation.

Efficient IRS Negotiations

Our dedicated tax attorneys are trained in the art of negotiating with the IRS, which is highly important. Licensed tax attorneys strong negotiating skills yield better results than if you try to settle tax debt by yourself.

Trust, Comfort, & Ethics

We strive to be what other companies are not, ethical. Unfortunately in the tax resolution business, unethical tax debt resolution practices are common. You can rest easy knowing when you hire us to settle your IRS problems with the IRS, you can be certain that you will receive ethical representation.


See What Our Tax Attorneys Can Do For You

See the advantages of having a professional tax attorney on your side. Contact the tax resolution professionals at Houston Pure Tax Resolution, our consultations are 100% free of charge and offer flat-rate fees for our tax attorney services. 

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