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Stop Wage Garnishment - Wage Garnishment Help for Houston Taxpayers


The power to garnish wages is among the strongest weapons in the IRS enforcement arsenal. When the IRS garnishes your wages, your employer must pay a significant portion of your wages directly to the IRS instead of you. It starts when you see the dreaded CP-297 or CP-90 forms in the mail, and you must take action immediately. Though Houston is one of the top most affordable cities, one’s paycheck is still extremely important. Can you afford to live on 1/3 of what you’re currently making? Most of us cannot.

Stop Wage Garnishment

When the IRS decides to garnish (levy) your wages, they send a letter to your employer ordering them to take money from your paycheck. This is then transferred to the IRS to pay down your back tax debt. This tactic is enforced if you have ignored the IRS’ collection notices. The best time to stop wage garnishment is before it occurs, but if the IRS has already begun to garnish your wages, we can generally stop IRS wage garnishment immediately.

What the IRS Must Do Before They Garnish Your Wages

Before they garnish your wages, the IRS is required by law to issue a specific collection letter (CP-90) containing a demand for you to pay your tax bill, and you must have failed to respond. Next, the IRS will send you a final notice (CP-297) of intent to garnish your wages and you will have only 30 days potentially to stop it. Again, DO NOT ignore these letters and take action immediately.

It's also important you are aware of the multitude of IRS scams that happen every day.  If you ever receive a phone call from someone claiming to an IRS representative pressuring you into giving your credit card or bank information over the phone, DO NOT COMPLY.  The IRS will only contact you via official letter in the mail, so if you are ever targeted for an IRS phone scam, hang up and contact us today.

How We Stop IRS Wage Garnishment for Houston Taxpayers

By hiring our expert tax attorneys to resolve your wage garnishment, we will immediately contact the proper IRS authorities to collect all information related to your case.  By contacting the IRS, the IRS will work with us to put a hold on your collection during the resolution process.  We will formulate a convenient plan to resolve your tax debt, in turn keeping your assets and wages safe in the process.

Take Action To Stop Wage Garnishment Today

Don't let the IRS dictate your financial freedom, we can contact them immediately on your behalf to prevent, or stop wage garnishment. Call us today, we look forward to discussing your options for wage garnishment relief.

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