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IRS Audit Representation

Are you an individual or business owner in the Houston area needing professional help for your IRS audit?


IRS audit representation is in high demand due to the increased staffing of IRS agents by the Government. A tax audit is simply when the IRS disagrees with a portion of information you have reported on your tax return and seeks further information from you to back-up your claim.

Majority of IRS audits are minimally intrusive correspondence audits. These are simple in which you simply provide the IRS the information they’ve requested, usually by mail. In more severe cases, the IRS may order a field audit in which the IRS shows up at your home or business to gain the required information. A random audit exists to keep taxpayers honest. It is what the name implies. The IRS randomly selects taxpayers for a simple audit.

It is important to remember that although correspondence audits may appear less threatening than field audits, there are serious financial and even criminal implications, so you are well advised to seek professional audit representation regardless of the type of tax audit to which you are subject. Our tax audit attorneys and CPAs have worked with taxpayers across the country and we begin working on resolving your tax audit the day you hire us.

IRS tax audit representation Houston TX
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Remember, the IRS is not perfect by any means. They process millions and millions of individual data transactions and mistakes are made. We are experienced in identifying their mistakes and in using the provisions of the Internal Revenue Code to your benefit. We will vigorously fight for your rights to ensure that your tax audit is resolved fairly and efficiently. Your tax audit representation begins with us, get started today with a FREE consultation with Houston Pure Tax Resolution.

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